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Ideally situated on the edge of a former hunting concession called CT5 and right along the Botswana Zimbabwe border not far from Hwange National park in Zimbabwe, this place is prolific with wildlife! Surrounding this 12 – room lodge are water holes from which the animals drink every day at sunrise or just before sundown.

Here the hippo is resident and the buffalo and Elephant come in large numbers from time to time, followed by the Zebra, Impala, and Giraffe and occasionally lurking in the nearby bush, king of the jungle himself the Lion.

Completely surrounded by nature, you will be intrigued by the sounds of the wild while you gaze at the scenic evening stars from the balcony of your chalet. Dzibanana has 11 ensuite shower twin chalets.

Positioned just a few steps away from the river in an open space, you can be sure to enjoy the best views nature has to offer from the bedroom balcony of this lavish chalet. You can safely sleep on the room balcony and enjoy the evening river breeze, surrounded by the omniscient African skies and wake up to the scenic African sunrise.

One for your bucket list, take a dip on the wild side and watch the majestic elephant quench its thirst down at the watering hole while you cool down in the swimming pool just a few metres above it.

Experience the warm welcome of our people in our reception area where you can also sit for a drink while arrangements of your stay are being finalised.

Out under the African skies, overlooking the watering hole, you can watch the animals come in their droves to drink water as you explore our traditional cuisine of game meat, pap, mophane worms and morogo . You can also enjoy cold drinks of both local and international brands.

Serene and breath taking, catch the yellow African sunrise and fiery sunset from the Dzibanana river which overflows from neighbouring Zimbabwe. Here you can also take in various kinds of bird life. Binoculars and a camera are sure to come in handy.